Riley Fillable Form Maker
Create fillable forms in minutes!

Super intuitive form creator with support for multiple types of input fields.
Customize form layouts with labels, input fields, picker lists, date selectors and more.
Download For iPhone And iPad
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Easy to use form editor
Create your own fillable forms in minutes, update layouts and add form elements at any time.
No internet connection required
Works fully offline: build forms and collect data even when your device does not have internet connection.
Record level grid view
Quickly browse form submissions in tabulated grid view with support for record level sharing and data modifications.
Dropdown list selector
  • create forms with the popular dropdown list selector
  • users love this form element, it's incredibly easy to use and keeps your data set organized with validated preset values
Build in minutes
  • zero learning curve
  • get started right away
  • Riley's super simple editor makes it easy to create, modify and manage your forms.
  • automated tracking for record creation times and last modification times.
Beautiful form elements
  • powerful and intuitive form elements
  • customizable labels for branding your forms
  • multiple choice lists
  • dropdown selectors
  • toggle switches
  • input fields
  • multi-line paragraph fields
  • date selectors
  • time selectors