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Riley Form Maker is currently available for iPhone, iPad and Windows. The iOS edition also runs on new Macs powered by the M1 chip.

Download the iOS Edition from the App Store:

Download the Windows Edition from Microsoft Store:

The iOS edition and the Windows edition are sold separately.

  • From the app home screen, choose "+" (New)
  • In the "New Form Title" box, enter the name of the form you want to create and choose "Save"
Tip: New users can practice by creating test forms, you can change form objects and delete unwanted forms at any time.
Select the "Add Object" button

Select what you want to add:

  • Input Field - text input
  • Paragraph Field - multi-line text input
  • Date Selector - date picker, allows a date value to be selected
  • Time Picker - time picker, allows a time value to be selected
  • Dropdown List Selector - allows one item to be selected from a list of options
  • Text Labels - customizable static text content
  • Toggle Switch - boolean selector, customizable labels for on and off value
  • Multiple Choice List - allows one or more items to be selected
  • Image - displays a photo with customizable size
  • Photo Selector - allows user to select an image and submit it with the form
Riley creates native forms that are stored on your device. Forms are designed to be completed directly on the device, they can not be filled remotely.
There are multiple ways to share data collected with Riley forms. You can choose to share single submissions or export all data collected for a form at once in CSV format.

Here are a few common options for sharing exported data:
- Export and save data into the “Files” app or to other cloud storage apps installed (such as Dropbox)
- Share the exported file with another device through “AirDrop”
- Choose to share with third party apps that can support CSV files
Customize object labels
  • Select "Add New Object"
  • Edit default label placeholder, replace with new label
Customize object layouts
  • Select "Edit" button
  • Select "Move Up" or "Move Down" to change object location
Delete object
  • Select "Edit" button
  • Select "Delete" to change remove object from form
Customize dropdown list selector items
  • Select "Edit" button
  • Select "Customize Elements"
Customize paragraph input field height
  • Select "Edit" button
  • Select "Customize Paragraph Height"
Custom photo selector size
  • Select "Edit" button
  • Select "Customize Selector Height"

  • Open the form that you want to view
  • Select Toolbar > "View Saved Data"
  • Each form submission is saved in a record, the first column presents the auto generated record number. Select the "record number" button for options to copy record data, modify record and delete record
This option exports all the entries saved for a form, the exported data is saved in CSV (comma separated value) format.

  • Open the form you are working on
  • Choose “View Saved Data”
  • Choose “Export Data”
  • Save the exported file or choose an action item
If a compatible program is installed that can open a CSV file, you can choose to launch the exported file directly. For example, when working on an iPhone with the Excel app installed, you can choose “More” > “Copy to Excel”

Exported file format:
- Form questions are displayed in the top row of the exported file, this row is often referred to as the file header
- Each form “entry” is exported into one row
You will also see the export timestamp tagged to the bottom of the exported file. This timestamp indicates the date and time of the export.
- If the form contains photos submitted through photo selectors, the exported data will contain photo file names in text format. Click on the photos to export image files.

Sample exported data with three records:
Record,Pet Name,Breed,Will be attending party,Create Time,Last Modified Time
1,Billy,Golden Retriever,Yes,11/21/2019 6:32:55 PM,11/21/2019 6:36:15 PM
2,Princess,Chow Chow,No,11/21/2019 6:39:39 PM,11/25/2019 11:45:15 AM
3,Sally,Pug,Yes,11/21/2019 6:39:52 PM,11/25/2019 11:45:23 AM

Export timestamp: 11/25/2019 11:45:33 AM
This option exports data for a single form entry. Exported data is in plain text format with form questions followed by answers. Form elements are displayed in the same order as presented on the form.

  • Open the form you are working on
  • Choose “View Saved Data”
  • Select the “Record number" for the entry you wish to export
  • Choose “Copy data for clipboard”
  • Paste the copied data into any editor such as Mail or Notes
  • Copied data is in text format, if the record contains photos, exported data will contain photo file names. Click on the photos to export image files.
Sample exported data:
Data for record number 1 (Primary key 1, export timestamp: 11/21/2019 6:36:20 PM)

Pet Name

Golden Retriever

Will be attending party

Create Time
11/21/2019 6:32:55 PM

Last Modified Time
11/21/2019 6:36:15 PM
  • Open the form that you want to view
  • Select Toolbar > "View Saved Data"
  • Choose "Export Data"
  • Exported data is in CSV format, if this form contains photos submitted from photo selectors, exported data will contain photo file names. Click on photos to export image files.